The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are upon us…


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are upon us…

Both scripturally and from every eschatological point of view, for anyone, with spiritual eyesight to see and ears to hear; for anyone who has any kind of crasp of what the holy writ of scripture warns us about in the last days, I think it is beyond clear that today we truly are watching these events unfold before our very eyes.

What follows is my perspective of what I see happening today and where I believe we are headed as a nation.

We have a national group today, made up of mostly Christians, who are actively pursuing impeachment, and as much as I would like that to happen, I don’t believe that it will.

The problem with impeachment is the Bankster oligarchy has, over the years, gained an extremely strong grip and control over both houses of the legislature, in both parties, not to mention the White House, and most of our judicial system.

This Banister Oligarchy also controls all the gold, meaning that our entire banking system and the printing of our money are under the control of a  private international banking cartel, which literally has autonomous control over all the central banks of the world.

It is because of this fact that they control everything else, including public opinion, through their control of 90+ percent of the media, here in America.

These people and the corrupt system they rule over, meaning the entire Washington D.C. Corporation, is under their absolute control, and they have no oversight whatsoever from any elected official, within this de facto government.

They are the “pink elephant” in the room that nobody EVER talks about in the mainstream media, nor within the halls of Congress.

These politicians, like former Senator  Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer and so many others, even on the Republican side, including the Bush family, as much as they may look like it, these people aren’t dummies; and they know exactly what’s going on!

Not only do they know what’s going on and what the ultimate endgame is, but they and the entire Washington D.C. power structure, that backs them up and is calling the shots from the shadows, under the mantle of this de facto and unconstitutional D.C. Corporation, including politicians on both the left and the right – Republican and Democrat alike – are being used, after having already long ago been bought and paid for, in order to bring this “New World Order” agenda about.

If they are not actively working for this evil system, then they at least know about it and are too afraid to do anything to stop it.

Satan certainly has not kept his agenda secret, and he is getting more and more embolden as the time of the end approaches.

These same Banksters are the very ones who throughout history and until this present day have actually murdered or assassinated, including three presidents, anyone that represents a serious threat to their system!

This includes the strongest voices, among any would-be whistleblowers, who would expose their evildoings; and I believe that would probably include Donald Trump, and so to that end, I believe Christians need to be praying for his protection and safety.

When you are talking about these people, in who they are and what they do, you’re talking about pure evil, among those who sit at the very top of the world’s power structure, and they are connected directly to Satan.

The same deal that Satan once offered to Jesus, I believe he later offered to others, who accepted his deal.

He is the one pushing this whole New World Order agenda, and these International Banksters literally have all the money, influence and the power in the world to do it.

This includes the Vatican Bank, and just about all of your major corporations and individuals, including politicians in our government and members of any number of secret organizations, such as the CFR, Trilateral Commission and others.

It is a stacked deck and they hold all the cards, except for the most important one!

It has even gotten to the point where the powers that be are daring anybody to stop them, because in their dimwitted perverted thinking they think that they are indestructible; but we know better, don’t we?!

As Christians and students of biblical prophecy, we already know how all of this is going to end; we just don’t know the timing.

Howbeit, we do know the season, as the Bible tells us what to look for.

We all know that the power of God, in His sovereignty, can literally change our situation overnight.

We can read about it happening many times in biblical history.

Normally, as we review the precedents of Scripture, God will generally use a good size 2 x 4 upside the head of His people, in order to get our attention!

That is where I believe we are now, as a nation.

We’re told also in the Bible that judgment ALWAYS begins at the household of God; and God has already told us, in Hebrews 12, starting at verse 27 and on to the end of the chapter, that God will shake not only the heavens, but also the earth, in the last days, so that ONLY those who truly have their faith centered in Jesus Christ will be left standing.

I believe that we are now in that season of which Jesus warned us about, which He called “the beginning of sorrows” (Mat 24:8).

We can learn from the Bible that nations invariably reach a point, which the Bible calls “the fullness of sin,” where God says enough is enough and that’s when the serious chastisement and correction begins.

I believe that America is now at that point and probably has surpassed it.

Our strongest trump card in all of this will be played only when we Christians get serious about obeying 2 Chronicles 7:14.

The only time we read in the Bible, where God’s judgment was abated and totally turned away from a nation, at the last hour, is when Jonah preached in Nineveh.

And you will note that the ENTIRE nation, starting with the king on down, repented in sackcloth and ashes.

Certainly that has not happened here in our country, not even close!

Most anybody, with any kind of military background, knows what it means to occupy.

Well we are told in the Bible that, as Christians, we are to occupy until Jesus returns; meaning that we seek God’s wisdom and guidance, and having done that, as God’s occupational force in the earth, we take every opportunity to resist the “Turkey” and block whatever he is doing.

Also as intercessors, we are God’s “Watchmen on the Wall,” and it’s our job to, not only watch and pray, but we are to warn the people of what’s coming; and believe me our nation and the nations of the world are about to be shook very severely in the very near future.

Jesus described it as being the worst time this world has ever seen, or ever will see again.

We are talking here about people, who are the actual puppet masters of this Washington D.C. Corporation, who are already in control of just about every aspect of our daily lives, here in America, who also financed the Bolshevik Revolution and also finance Hitler’s rise to power, of which by the way Prescott Bush, George W. Bush’s grandfather, had direct involvement.

These Banksters also financed World War one and two, and they profited on both sides in each!

What they have in mind for our country will be far worse than anything Hitler ever did.

I believe we are about to see George Washington’s prophecy come to pass, where he said that he saw our nation at a time where we came under attack by foreign enemies; and we lost our liberty for a time, but he said the “Sons of Liberty” would rise up out of the smoke and ashes, and that we would once again regain control of our country.

I also am a firm believer that Satan’s original plan was to have the European Union be the instigator that spawns the Antichrist’s rise to power; but I believe that God has already said no to that plan.

There are just way too many Christians and patriotic people, who love this country, people like you and me, who are just too ornery and stubborn to ever let this evil antichrist agenda succeed in our country.

For one thing the Bible says that the whole world is not going to be controlled by the antichrist, but there will be nations that will be resisting and fighting against him in the last days.

The Bible also says that when Jesus returns, there will be both sheep nations and goat nations; and I have to believe that there’s still enough Christian influence in our nation and in the Western European nations, even as bad as some of them have fallen, that when push really comes to shove that these nations will rise up again in force, against this wickedness that is trying to dominate our world.

I totally believe that in the end, our de jure united states Republic, along with certain other nations, are going to be the “sheep nations” that the Bible speaks of.

I believe also that the Antichrists will ultimately have his base of operations centered in the Middle East, with Israel, and more specifically Jerusalem, being the center of this end of days conflict.

The Middle East is where everything in the Bible began, and I believe that’s where everything is going to culminate in the end!

This certainly is the time for all you fence sitters to get off the fence and choose what side you are on, because our days are few.

Come join the Adventure and let’s be about our Father’s business!

Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior

Ps 150:6
Let everything that has breath praise the LORD!

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