Lord, restore our Republic, and give us once again a nation that is truly under God!

Lord, restore our Republic, and give us

once again a nation that is truly under God!

First of all, let me start by saying I don’t care what skin color our president has; I don’t care whether he or she is white, black, brown, yellow, red, blue or green with purple polka dots, as long as he or she is native born; is a U.S. Citizen; and can proof as much by supplying the proper documentation.

I expect he or she to be a Born-again Christian, who fears the Lord, and abides by God’s laws; who also places God and his laws first place in their own life, and therefore also uses that same moral plum line to guide them in the decisions they are making, in order to guide our nation’s future.

It matters not to me how much or how little pigmentation they have in their skin, as long as I know I can trust them to do what is best for our nation, and for our nation’s future.

I want a president who, whether or not he or she is a military tactician, or strategist, I at least expect them to have the sense to listen to and follow the advice of godly and trustworthy council of those, around them, who have that experience and knowledge; and that they would listen to their advise to guide them in the affairs of war; who won’t go off half cocked, and follow some secret agenda; and who at the risk and sacrifice of the lives of our men and women in our nation’s armed forces, are taking their orders from forces outside of our government, and outside of what’s best for our nation’s best interest, as this present lot of politicians are doing today.

This is an example of the caliber of person I would expect to be Commander in Chief of our land:

And this is an example of someone I would recommend and vote for, to be President of our land:

Don’t tell me that the only people we can find for the highest office of our land, is by scraping the barrow, as we have been doing; or selecting man and women who have been trained and conditioned, through education and secret societies, to betray our U.S. Constitution, and follow hidden agendas before they are even elected to office.

May God deliver our nation from such leadership, as we have today, who are further dismantling our Constitutional Republic and our sovereignty from the inside out; and deliver us from the media that supports them!

May God instead reestablish our nation, once again, upon faith in God, and upon our U.S. Constitution; and let us have men and women in office who are loyal to our Christian heritage and principles, who both reverence and obey the Bible, and the Christian heritage that has made our nation strong!

Amen, so let it be Lord Jesus… let it happen in our country, as it is established in your Word! Selah


Skip Barland


This is an open forum where we look into and investigate the Rhema Mysteries of God's Word; and also other issues of importance for our day and time.

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