Obama has never made it a secret as to where his true loyalties lie!

Well at least Obama has never made it a secret as to where his true loyalties lie!

As you review the picture of Obama (see below), at a news conference, and then compare it with the other former presidents at their news conferences, I guess there are two ways of looking at this, and two conclusions you can come to.

Perhaps, just maybe Barack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) is the most honest one of the lot, with one exception?

At least each of these former Presidents, with the exception of Obama, are verifiably American citizens.

From the evidence thus far, Barack Obama is not an American citizen; and without exception, all the rest of the presidents who are pictured here, with the exception of Ronald Reagan, were and are traitors to the flag that they displayed.

You can be no other than a traitor, and be for the Globalist Banker’s “One World Government,” which all of them, with the exception of Ronald Reagan, were trained for, and groomed for, since their college years.

The fact is, you can be nothing other than a traitor to our flag, when you seek to undermine and eliminate our Bill of Rights, and our U.S. Constitution; all of which will have to happen, first, before they can succeed in undermining our government, and forcing us to be absorbed into this so called “New World Order,” which all of these former Presidents, again with the exception of Ronald Reagan, are on record as endorsing.

Until Obama produces evidence to the contrary, in producing an official and legal birth certificate, which is something he has thus far refused to do; and has chosen instead to spend millions of dollars to keep from producing it; as he has with all of his earlier records, such as all his medical and school related documents; until he is willing to set the record straight, then the only conclusion that can be drawn, from all available evidence, is that Obama is NOT a U.S. Citizen!

Here is the ONLY legal birth certificate that we have on file; and it appears to be legit:

Here is the laundry list of documents that Obama, through his lawyers has refused to produce:

1) His original birth certificate. Access is sealed by the Governor of Hawaii.

2)  Admissions/College transcript records from Occidental College.

3)  Admissions/College transcript records from Columbia University.

4)  Admissions/College transcript records from Harvard University.

5)  Records of his editorial writing in the Harvard Law Review.

6)  Medical Records.

7)  Selective Service Registration Records.  (Debbie Schlussel has obtained Obama’s Selective Service Registration record.  She has done an investigation, posted on her website, thoroughly demonstrating that the registration is a forgery and a fraud.)

8)  His Illinois State Legislative calendar.

9)  The list of his legal clients from his days of private law practice.

Obviously something is very wrong here; and please note also how this birth certificate (above) differs from the phony one (see below), which is called a “Certificate of Live Birth,” that the state of Hawaii gives to anyone, regardless of their place of birth, citizen or not; and also notice how this document differs from your own birth certificate, in that it contains information about the hospital, and also the name of a person who signed as a witness, which in this case is the Registrar; all of which are missing on the Certificate of Live Birth.

More evidence of a forgery:

What follows is a video of a man, who is a computer graphics expert, whose face is obscured because of threats that have been made on his life, who list the reasons why the above document is a forgery.

Like the man says… we report, you decide!

Skip Barland

From: Kelby
Sent: Tuesday, June 08, 2010 1:53 PM
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Subject: FW: What is missing at Obama’s press conference?


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What is missing at Obama’s press conference?
No it is not the teleprompters. See the other president’s pictures for a clue.






That’s right…no American flags!!!

And I don’t believe it was just an accident!

It is intentional. So I ask why is it intentional?

He told you he would change America, didn’t he?

Vote in November like your way of life depended on it!


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2 thoughts on “Obama has never made it a secret as to where his true loyalties lie!”

  1. Yeah, there does appear to be a second flag in the picture, other than an American flag; but I can’t make it out? What is it?

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