Pay attention folks, do not be ignorant… and be wise as serpents!!!

It is the people behind the curtain, to use the analogy of the Wizard of Oz, who are the real threat… Obama is just their puppet!

As I see the problem we have today, as this article (below) touches on, with this administration, and whereas, yes Barack Obama is intelligent and well spoken, and yes also he is inexperienced too, and possibly way over his head now, with all that is going on; but with all of that being as it is, the real problem we have, and I might say Obama has this problem too, is that the ones behind him, who handpicked him for this job, who saw to it that his public image was puffed in the media, which caused his popularity to escalate, that eventually won him the election, it is these people that we need to worry about.

They will cut their losses and make Obama their scapegoat in a minute; all to shift attention from themselves and keep the public’s attention in other areas. These people are troubled today because more so than at any other time, they are finding themselves, and their Globalist agenda exposed, and truly they cannot stand the light of day, as their father before them, who is Satan, can’t stand it either!

These people, make no mistake, have but one goal, and that is a totalitarian one world government; and their agenda includes the subjugation and eventually the total elimination of our Constitutional Republic; and the men and women who are at the helm of our leadership in Washington DC, and for most of the U.S media, for over 100 years now, have for the most part been compromised, and have been recruited by them, since college, to serve their One World Agenda.

Perhaps this is the betrayal that Kim Clement has prophesied, that would take place in this White House, as Obama finds himself made the scapegoat for the world’s many problems, and especially now, with this one gulf problem hitting this administration right between the eyes.

I have to say, that I hate what our present lot of politicians and this president are doing to our nation; but I also know that our God is a god of the impossible; meaning if we pray, He can do things that far exceed our expectations, and our imaginations… if only we would pray, and believe for them.

With that said, I want to encourage all of you to pray for Obama. Put your personal feelings aside, for a moment, and please try and recognize that this man is being played like a Stradivarius violin, and I don’t think he has a clue, what danger he is in.

His ambition and lust for fortune, power and fame (I believe) has gotten the best of him, and it will be his ruin.

I have no doubt, but that his handlers will drop him like a hot potato, as long as his popularity continues to wan; and as long as they continue to see the attention shifting to uncover their agenda.

Make no mistake, there are some very wicked principalities and demonic forces that are behind these Globalist Bankers, and all their secret societies, and they mean us no good!

They are using Obama to do their bidding; and what they would like to do is weaken us enough economically, to cause enough public unrest and panic, in order to be able to establish marshal law, and then take away our free speech rights; silence their detractors in the media, and on Talk-Radio; and also they want to license and control the internet!

What we read about in our Bible; and what Jesus warned us would happen in the last day, in what He called a “Time of Sorrows,” all of that is happening today, as the enemy, Satan, is preparing the way to establish his One World government, in preparation for the rule of the Antichrist!

Now where we will be in all of this, in the United States, I still don’t think is written in stone… not yet anyway… and so I still believe that we have a chance to turn our nation around.

Yes, I would love to see Barack Obama see the light of day, and get saved!

Let us not be too hard on this guy; and let us also remember that if it weren’t for the grace of God, and the fact that we had an encounter with God, ourselves, and were born-again, many of us would most likely be right there along side of him.

So let us not forget from whence we have come!

I think if Obama ever were to get saved, and filled with the Holy Spirit, it would be one HUGE black eye to the enemy, and to his cause; but I also don’t believe that it will happen, unless we are praying.

Things are getting serious, folks, as time and events appear to be accelerating, the closer we get to the time of our Lord’s return!

This is NOT a time to be fearful, and quaking in our boots; because God has an agenda too, and that agenda includes us, as members of His church, to charge the gates of hell, and kick Satan’s butt!

Come along with us, won’t you… and join in the adventure!


Skip Barland

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PoliticsSpill reveals Obama’s lack of executive experienceBy: Byron York
Chief Political Correspondent
June 8, 2010

In mid-February 2008, fresh from winning a bunch of Super Tuesday primaries, Barack Obama granted an interview to “60 Minutes” correspondent Steve Croft. “When you sit down and you look at [your] resume,” Croft said to Obama, “there’s no executive experience, and in fact, correct if I’m wrong, the only thing that you’ve actually run was the Harvard Law Review.”

“Well, I’ve run my Senate office, and I’ve run this campaign,” Obama said.

Seven months later, after receiving the Democratic presidential nomination, Obama talked with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. At the time, the news was dominated by Hurricane Gustav, which was headed toward New Orleans and threatening to become a Katrina-like disaster. “Some of your Republican critics have said you don’t have the experience to handle a situation like this,” Cooper said to Obama. “They in fact have said that Governor Palin has more executive experience. …”

“Governor Palin’s town of Wasilla has, I think, 50 employees,” Obama answered. “We have got 2,500 in this campaign. I think their budget is maybe $12 million a year. You know, we have a budget of about three times that just for the month. So, I think that our ability to manage large systems and to execute, I think, has been made clear over the last couple of years.”

Obama ignored Palin’s experience as governor of Alaska, which was considerably bigger than the Obama campaign. But his point was clear: If you’re worried about my lack of my executive experience, look at my campaign. Running a first-rate campaign, Obama and his supporters argued, showed that Obama could run the federal government, even at its most testing moments. He could set goals, demand accountability, and, perhaps most importantly, bend the sprawling federal bureaucracy to his will.

Fast forward to 2010. The oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is gushing out of control. The Obama administration is at first slow to see the seriousness of the accident. Then, as the crisis becomes clear, the federal bureaucracy becomes entangled in itself trying to deal with the problem. “At least a dozen federal agencies have taken part in the spill response,” the New York Times reports, “making decision-making slow, conflicted and confused, as they sought to apply numerous federal statutes.”

For example, it took the Department of Homeland Security more than a week to classify the spill as an event calling for the highest level of federal action. And when state officials in Louisiana tried over and over to win federal permission to build sand barriers to protect fragile coastal wetlands from the oil, they got nowhere. “For three weeks, as the giant slick crept closer to shore,” the Times reports, “officials from the White House, Coast Guard, Army Corps of Engineers, Fish and Wildlife Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Environmental Protection Agency debated the best approach.”

The bureaucracy wasn’t bending to anyone’s will. The direction from the top was not clear. And accountability? So far, the only head that has rolled during the Gulf crisis has been that of Minerals Management Service chief Elizabeth Birnbaum. But during a May 27 news conference, Obama admitted he didn’t even know whether she had resigned or been fired. “I found out about it this morning, so I don’t yet know the circumstances,” the president said. “And [Interior Secretary] Ken Salazar’s been in testimony on the Hill.” Obama’s answer revealed that he hadn’t fired Birnbaum, and he couldn’t reach a member of his Cabinet who was a few blocks down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Given all that, perhaps candidates in future presidential races will think twice before arguing that running their campaign counts as executive experience.

A few days before Obama won the White House, Bill Clinton joined him for a late-night rally in Kissimmee, Fla. Clinton, who became president after 12 years as a governor, told the crowd not to worry about Obama’s lack of executive background. Given the brilliance of Obama’s campaign, Clinton said — and here the former president uncharacteristically mangled his words a bit — a President Obama would be “the chief executor of good intentions as president.”

Chief executor of good intentions? Perhaps that’s what Obama is now. But with oil gushing into the Gulf, that’s just not good enough.

Byron York, The Examiner’s chief political correspondent, can be contacted at His column appears on Tuesday and Friday, and his stories and blog posts appears on


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