We might as well get used to it, God’s ways are not ours…


God says to Joshua,

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9)

Every day of our life we ALL are having to make decisions that will affect our future.

From the Hebrew biblical point of view, as they view the Scriptures, those decisions will either be leading us towards the light or towards the darkness; meaning they will lead us either closer to God, or away from Him.

It’s our choice which direction we go; either we follow our flesh, or we allow God’s Word and the Holy Spirit to rule in our life.

The Book of Joshua 
by Max Lucado

May I describe a few battles?

Let’s say that you have a problem with a person—a rotten person.

A scoundrel who has taken advantage of your kindness.

Because of him you have less money, more headaches, and a bitter heart.

Let’s also say that you’ve got the goods on this guy. Caught him. Aha! Red-handed.

You can turn him in. Make a spectacle. Get even and get out.

Give him what he deserves.  But something won’t let you.

A verse from your past tethers your heart. “Vengeance is Mine,” says the Lord. “I will repay.”

Within you the battle rages. Let vengeance be mine, Lord, you pray.

Just once. Let me get even. But the Word won’t let you. And with time, you drop your fists to your side and just trust.

Here’s another battle.  Let’s say you have a problem with money.

Every month you just barely make it. Each paycheck is spent before it’s cashed.

If just one month you could get a break. Just some cushion. That’s all you need.

Poof, your prayer is answered. Unexpected bonus. An extra month’s salary.

Finally, some breathing room. First, pay off the credit card, next repay my sister, then get the bumper fixed and . . . uh-oh—my giving.

“Surely God doesn’t want me to give 10 percent of the bonus? I mean, I give every month. . . . Surely, He’ll understand if I use this for something else. . . . ”

But the words challenge faintly yet firmly, “Honor the Lord . . . with the firstfruits of all your increase.”

Within you the battle rages. One side says, “Believe.” The other, “Be real.”

Finally, a truce is called and a white flag is waved and a check is written and placed in the plate.

But even as you give, you confess, “Doesn’t make sense, but because you say so . . .”

Let’s go one more. This time let’s really stretch it. Let’s say you are a general. A general in the Israeli army.

Moses is dead, the Jordan has been crossed, the mantle passed, and you are wearing it.

God has promised that you will take Jericho. But as you look at the city, you have to wonder . . . the walls are high.

The people are armed. The challenge is great.  But God has a plan.

You can’t wait to hear it. “Surely, He’ll give us more soldiers, stronger weapons, mightier swords.

His plan must include this and more.”  So you sit and listen as God explains.

As He talks you are stunned, “What? Walk around the city seven times, blow some trumpets, and . . . . Wait a minute, God, this doesn’t make sense.”

The Book of Joshua is a book of battles. A book for soldiers. A book for people who would dare to win God’s way.

What applied then, applies today. It is the faithful who conquer. Those who follow the strategy win, those who don’t—don’t.

Certainly God’s ways are not our ways!

To follow God requires our absolute trust, that we willingly hang the total of our individual lives and our life’s circumstances upon His trustworthiness and reliability.

It also requires our absolute obedience and that we trust Him with all of our heart and lean not on our own understanding.

It requires that we let go and let God in every situation we face in life!

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